SmartMesh IP

linSmartMesh IP is the name of the product line I’m most involved with at Dust Networks/Analog Devices.

While this is certainly not my project, I’ve been a major contributor to the following aspects:

  • Development inside the lower-layers of the SmartMesh IP protocol stack.
  • The (mostly Python-based) ecosystem, including the SmartMesh SDK and a web-based interface.

SmartMesh IP is the latest protocol stack from the Analog Devices’ Dust Networks product group. A descendant of long-standing ultra-low power and ultra-high reliability such as WirelessHART, the SmartMesh IP protocol stack combines the industrial performance of IEEE802.15.4e with the ease-of-use of IPv6.

The SmartMesh IP protocol stack runs on Analog Devices/Dust Networks’ latest silicon, which makes it the lowest-power solution on the market.

SmartMesh IP online