Berkeley’s OpenWSN


I founded Berkeley’s OpenWSN project in 2010, and have been its coordinator since.

With the recent activity in the IETF 6TiSCH group, OpenWSN is getting a lot of traction. This means that I spend most nights and week-ends reviewing pull requests from the OpenWSN community and contributing to this project [1000+ commits in the last year!].

The OpenWSN project is an open-source implementation of a fully standards-based protocol stack for capillary networks, rooted in the new IEEE802.15.4e Timeslotter Channel Hopping standard. IEEE802.15.4e, coupled with Internet-of-Things standards, such as 6LoWPAN, RPL and CoAP, enables ultra-low power and highly reliable mesh networks which are fully integrated into the Internet. The resulting protocol stack will be cornerstone to the Internet of (Important) Things.

The OpenWSN project lives entirely “in-the-cloud”. You will find:

OpenWSN online

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 OpenWSN@AtlassianOnDemand OpenWSN@GitHub