I am lead architect of DustCloud and development coordinator on the projects it contains.

The Internet of Things is becoming a reality, but it’s still hard to build a real end-to-end solution. The goal of the DustCloud project (www.dustcloud.org) is to provide a set of open-source tools to build a complete IoT solution: from programming low-power sensors, to presenting a web interface, to interacting with popular services on the Internet. This ecosystem is built around SmartMesh networks, the de-facto highly reliable low-power wireless mesh networking solution.


It features the following projects:

  • On-Chip SDK, allowing you to write your own application on a SmartMesh IP mote.
  • SmartMesh SDK, a Python library to interact with the serial API of SmartMesh devices.
  • DustLink, a web interface to your SmartMesh network.
  • C Library,  a C library to interact with the serial API of SmartMesh devices.

DustCloud online

logo_atlassian logo_github
 DustCloud@AtlassianOnDemand DustCloud@GitHub



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