Thomas Watteyne is a Senior Networking Design Engineer at Linear Technology, in the Dust Networks product group, which specializes in ultra-low power and highly reliable low-power wireless solutions. He designs networking solutions based on a variety of Internet-of-Things (IoT) standards. He is co-chairing the IETF 6TiSCH working group, which standardizes how to use IEEE802.15.4e TSCH in IPv6-enabled mesh networks. He is a member of the IETF Internet-of-Things Directorate. Prior to that, Thomas was a postdoctoral researcher in Prof. Kristofer Pister’s team at the University of California, Berkeley. He founded and is the coordinator of Berkeley’s OpenWSN project, an open-source initiative to promote the use of fully standards-based protocol stacks for the IoT. Between 2005 and 2008, he was a research engineer at France Telecom, Orange Labs. He obtained his PhD in Computer Science (2008) and MSc in Telecommunications (2005) from INSA Lyon, France. He is fluent in 4 languages.
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